PHP Weather Scripts

Below are some PHP scripts I have written or modified for use on this site and for others to use on their web sites. They are designed as add-on pages for the PHP template packages available from Saratoga Weather. These pages uses the existing Weather Display dailynoaareport*.htm and climatedataout*.html files to create tables to display the output.


Script Version Date Example Download
Freeze Data 1.4 February 24, 2023 Example
Detail/Summary/Season Files
For Temperature, Rain, Wind, Wind Run, Wind Direction, Snowfall, Snow Depth, Barometric Pressure, Degree Days, Sunshine Hours, Max Solar, Solar kWh, UV, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Soil Temperature, Evapotranspiration, Humidity
4.05 February 24, 2023 Example
Daily Records 3.6 February 24, 2023 Example ZIP
JpGraphs of Rain, Wind, & Temperature data from dailynoaareportxxx files 1.61 February 6, 2021 Example ZIP
Rain / Temperature Trends 1.3 February 24, 2023 Example ZIP